Welcome to Expand Culture!

Welcome to Expand Culture! This is primarily a fashion blog bringing you our opinion on the latest fashion trends and styles. Run by different people with different tastes we’ll be showcasing a range of exciting content including  fashion tips, thought pieces, and lifestyle choices.

What to expect:

Top Trends of Fashion Week – It’s one of the most exciting times in the fashion industry. Top collections will be reviewed and we’ll pick out the best offerings and give you what we feel will be dominating the high streets.

Outfit Of The Days – Our favourite outfits will be put on display straight from our wardrobes. We will also be showcasing cheaper and more affordable alternatives to what you see on the expensive catwalks.

Thought Pieces – We will be writing more thoughtful and provoking, articles coupled with events surrounding the entertainment industry, starting off with Beyoncé’s Black Lives Matter themed video and THAT performance of ‘Formation’ at the Super Bowl. Her video and performance of the single recently sparked widespread conversations about the Black Lives Matter Movement.

In the future we will hopefully be providing cover story’s and interviewing upcoming personalities in the entertainment industry…

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