Casual Summer look

Todays look is a casual look but will still get those heads turning. Now, being in the UK we don’t get as much sunshine as other countries which leaves us with gloomy weather. So, without going too light with our jeans, we are going to go for some mid blue jeans from River Island. This is a good colour to give off them summer vibes but still coordinating with our crappy weather.

0B8A6880 copy

The next step was choosing a longline green t’shirt also from River Island. This longline top is a bit different from others as it is accompanied by a black shirt underlaying the green. This gives the outfit something a bit extra than your normal top, heightening your style a tad more than before. This t’shirt which is currently on sale is really comfortable on the skin, sometimes I wear t’shirts that look good but are always itchy and uncomfortable, so it was nice to actually have one that was also pleasant to wear.

I then choose to put on some white leather converses, which is perfect to give off that summer look. When else is the perfect time to wear white?  I then put one one my black chains from Asos to tie the outfit together matching the bottom of the River Island top.

Obviously it is going to be slightly cold outside so I put on my Kinjaz jacket tying the whole outfit together. This jacket not only is one of the coolest jacket by this insane dance crew but it’s great in giving your outfit that swag it needs.


If you liked our outfit give us a comment below or if you have some suggestions than also let us know!

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