Take your time… Life after University.

So for the graduates who have finished university for the last time this summer, this is a post to tell you to take your time and think about what you want to do with your life. There is no rush to get that job straight away or to stress yourself out about it, you have your whole life ahead of you. Having come straight out uni ourselves we at Expand Culture know what it’s like to feel pressure to have to get that job related to your degree straight away. However, we have realised that we don’t need to stress too much about it, so long as we are able to support ourselves financially even if it means working in retail for a while.

Being in our early 20s this is the perfect time to focus on yourself and have some fun with your life. For example this is the perfect time to go travelling with some friends or even on your own and explore the world while soaking up some culture. You know they say travelling is the best way to learn. Now your probably thinking who said that? We at Expand Culture say it! What better way to figure your life out and what you want to do with it other than by taking some time out. You don’t even have to travel, you can get back into some old hobbies or dreams while working.

We’ve realised that so many people leave uni wondering whether they’ve been studying the wrong subject for the past three years. For some people that may be the case but for other it may not be. Having been students ourselves we know what it’s like to somewhat lose your passion for your chosen field, but we believe that is because you have put in so much hard work and effort for the past three years that it has become a bit of a chore instead of something fun. You may have forgotten why you love to do what you do. This is why we suggest taking some time to remember why you chose to make your dream a career and to remind yourself that it is not all about assignments and deadlines.

Let us know if you have lost passion for your career and if this post helped!

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